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This fragment was firstly translated by DeepL.

Glossaries and names are manually replaced by me. Some sentences are replaced to make its meaning more smooth and correct. But still if any mistakes please fix it.

In Tokkiens Forest, the children sat on the rocks and listened to the teacher's lecture.

"Miss Glazure, Mr Lakeus, what are we going to do today?"

"Well, today, we'll have a practice course."

Lakeus took out some herbs, put some into a conical bottle, and held it up.

"In the herb lesson today, we will try to make your first basic herb potion by hand. Having seen so many plants in the herbarium, I'm sure you'll be able to find the ingredients you want."

Glazure took out the prepared blackboard.

"If you don't remember, you can look at the pre-prepared recipe and find several healing herbs that you knew in the previous lessons within the delineated area. If you come across a plant you haven't seen, just remember to ask."

Miss Glazure's staff made a stroke in the air.

…… [ Geofence ].

The students then scattered in all directions to look for what they want.

The Avance area was rich in resources and far more sparsely populated than the capital city of Beachballe. Nearby are Mount Tempest — where the legendary Dragon of Thunderstorm sleeps — and the Shindu Gawa, or The Vast Forest, as the humans call it, the land of the elves (or the Gawas, to be exact).

With the research of the philosopher Lakei — another identity of Lakeus — and his predecessors, mankind has a strong foundation in both magic and science. Lakeus later changed back to his original identity, leaving the capital to travel around.

"Miss Glazure, the edge of this leaf ……"


Lakeus teleported to the edge of "Geofence".

Usually, the Gawas is quite amiable compared to other elves, but it's not easy to tell in case they disturb the ongoing lesson ……

The level of the elves' spells is, to be honest, extremely high. They could easily write a little bit of advanced magic, and human magic professors would have to "appreciate" them for a while. And those large spells as vital as their lives, they will not easily show them in public, even if they have to, the Philosophers would also have to spend some time to analyze and understand.

There seems to be none of them …… ok.

"Mr Lakeus—"

As soon as Lakeus returned, he heard the children call out.

"What, let me see ……"

First was Liz, the senior class president. She did collect quite a few …… even …… hmm?

"Liz, do you know what this one is?"

"Airflow Grass. My mom taught me to make jelly out of Airflow Grass."

"That's good. Class," Lakeus drew the children's attention to him, "I'll start by demonstrating the steps in the rough preparation of a general herb. Pay attention to recall the steps from the previous lab lesson ……"

Lakeus first added some powder and ground these herbs. Then it was just like in his own lab —

The apparatus were seamlessly connected, and it's the temperature and pressure that is needed to be carefully controlled …… and then bottling these ……

"Airflow Grass that Liz just collected is not covered in the last class. Airflow Grass, ……"


"Goodbye teacher—"

"Bye class."


Lesson preparation room.

"But it's still unbelievable to have something like a Philosopher teaching right next to myself or something ……"

Glazure sat across from Lakeus's desk.

"You won't be staying long this visit, will you?"

"Maybe not," Lakeus replied, "In fact, I'm not too keen on being called a 'sorcerer' or 'Philosopher' right now …… It would make a barrier between me and many people, and obviously magic is just an ordinary subject like maths and …… well, back to the question then."

Lakeus stood up and walked to the side.

"Maybe it will be forever. Staying there for good. Well, but after all, still with the title of a Sorcerer, eventually I will be too busy to take care of here, probably."

Glazure is one of the few teachers in this area — Village Carrit in the south of Avance. There were not many people in the school in Village Carrit, so there is no need for a real principal. The few teachers who are here basically have to teach all subjects. The living environment is quite quiet and comfortable though. But considering teaching resources, there are an unexpectedly large amount of outdoor practice courses.

"Speaking of wizard things," said Glazure, "this magic circuit ……"

"Let's see," Lakeus looked at the circuit, "hmm …… where is the obstacle you are meeting?"

"Around here …… according to the Mara Potential Drop then, this energy path should not work, but it is working somehow."

"You can look more carefully." Lakeus whispered a mantra.

"Hey …… when did it appear? I didn't notice that—"

"Well," Lakeus pointed to a thin line, "Here. There are some fine lines in the gaps in the middle that are hard to see. You can do the math again if you know it's laid out like this."

Glazure pondered.

"If it still seems strange, I'll teach you the spell I just did. Look at this ……"

"Is this …… the [ Inspector ]?"

Green lines spread across the spell.

"So …… here also hides …… even here?"

"Where did you get this from?" Lakeus asked, "This is not something that a person would write under normal circumstances, unless ……"

"Maybe as a philosopher you have guessed it?"

"it's from the Gawas?"

"Yes …… it was written down by my grandfather when he was in Gawa."

Lakeus was silent for a moment.

"He had been to Gawa."

"Well yeah. A long time ago, he got lost in the Tokkiens Forest and walked for a long time, but eventually he came to Gawa by accident. According to his own words, at that time he unlocked the boundary without permission from them and this alerted Gawa's guards ……"

"…… and your grandfather is?"

"Stein Antoine-Chorus, also considered as the best teacher here at that time, he—"

"You mean, the philosopher Livingstone?"


Lakeus suddenly stared at her.

"It turns out …… well, I'll explain first." Lakeus paused for a moment, "So actually sorcerers usually do not show their real names, in extreme cases even family members can fail to recognize the two identities of a same person. I didn't expect that old man to be such a person …… I mean I also had the honor to attend his lectures and later a session of his workshop ……"

"But why would you ……"

"Why would I know, right? That's the secret between the philosophers. I can be sure that I'm not mistaken."

"But even so," Glazure was a little agitated, "how could you have participated in my grandfather's class, who has long since passed away ……"

"Ahem," Lakeus gestured for her to calm down, "how old do you think …… I am?"

"Hmm? Um …… it's twenty-five at most?"

"No, it's much more than that. This appearance," Lakeus rubbed his fingers, "of me, is not the truth."

"Well …… but, anyway, I'm still 'Miss Glazure' and you're still 'Mr. Lakeus', right?"

"Yeah, that would not change."

Lakeus silently summoned a circuit just like the one on the table.

"I'll give a live analysis lesson for you."


"So, it's just a very basic healing jutsu?"

"Well, 'basic' — you mean the all-round protection, which healing every part and every injury? That's surely what you would called as basic. Though indeed, it looks very similar to these very basic healing circuits ……"

"Is it a modified healing circuits of the Gawas?"

"I won't rule it out. I mean, I think the Gawas has the power to modify them to such extent."

The sunlight outside gradually dimmed.

"Well …… let's have our supper. Even the greatest people cannot live without having anything to eat."

"There's another group lesson preparation in the evening, so I made my own dinner in advance," Glazure opened a simple lunch box, "just look at this — I must say it's one of my meals that I would feel so proud of."

"Ah …… girls are sometimes just enviable in this kind of way …… I would never be that kind of good cook."

"Hmm? What do you usually eat then?" She held out the cutlery.

"Well ……"

Lakeus took out a small cup. Rather than "small", it was more like actually much bigger than a normal mug.

He opened the lid and poured some hot water into it. Then he took out a few boxes of air-dried vegetables and a box of powder and spices from his bag, sprinkled them into the cup, and put the lid back on.

Glazure watched while eating the rice balls and salad.

"This is it."

Lakeus took out a pair of chopsticks and chucked them.

And it is a large cup of noodles.

"…… I thought it was something else, but it's far from healthy if you only eat these air-dried and pickles, things like that."

"But it takes much less time to prepare — although that wouldn't make it very hearty."

Lakeus started having the noodles. He acts so carefully that he can keep an eye out for any soup to spill out.

"For today, I specially chose clear soup …… otherwise the taste would be troublesome when it comes to preparing …… lessons."


"Mr Lakeus, welcome to join us."

"Thank you, It's me that should thank you guys for letting me meet this group of kids. That being said, how do you guys usually prepare your lessons as a group?"

"Well, actually the next thing we do is to prepare lessons collectively. The main thing is to summarize and unify the teaching schedule, as well as ……"


"So that's the general overview of this week's progress summary."

"Well, can I ask a question?" Lakeus raised his hand.


"Currently it's …… um, lower grades are teaching up to G5, middle grades are teaching up to G9, and upper grades are teaching up to G11 prep, right?"

"…… What do these mean?"


Lakeus realized that they didn't seem to know this.

"Ah …… well …… let me explain. Beachballe has issued an average grade system curriculum standard in recent months. Excluding magic, G1 to G6 is the basic curriculum, corresponding to the lower grades, and includes a preliminary understanding of classical science, the algebraic foundations of mathematics and geometric intuition, that is, calculation and recognition of shapes, as well as the introduction of basic and juvenile literature. G7 to G9 is the elementary curriculum, corresponding to the middle grades, and includes the study of the preliminary applied conclusions of classical science, the preliminary appreciation of literature, and the preliminary narrative essay. And G10 to G12 are general courses, corresponding to the senior grades, and include preliminary to more in-depth study of most of the mature areas of classical science, in-depth study and synthesis of most of the mature areas of mathematics, and formal appreciation of literature and formal argumentative writing. G13 to G16 are currently tentative grades, corresponding to four years of study at most of the colleges in Beachballe. This part of the document already has a more mature draft and can basically be taken as the final program."

Lakeus is finding some documents in the bag.

"But magic is indeed only in the last few years to have a real sense of teaching norms; the draft was sent out in recent weeks together with other subjects, but you can see that it is not very complete. I also brought the document for Magic. Magic is divided into 16 levels like other subjects, but the difference is that the basic necessary knowledge of magic is too separated to study well, thus it is actually 1~2 application levels higher in difficulty than other subjects of the same level. This kind of standard is surely achievable for the top schools in Beachballe, as long as the students are well selected. But for other schools, this kind of standard is a very heavy, if not completely unreasonable, burden."

Other teachers passed around the documents.

"And just let me talk about the state of teaching magic classes in our school. Currently, the lower grades have learned all the practice courses of G5 and below, while the theory classes are missing some of the parts in every grade. 90% of G1 is completed, 80% of G2, 60% of G3, and about 25% of G4 and G5 combined. The middle and senior grades are about the same. The practice courses are basically up to standard, but the theory classes are missing more and more as you go up. The current teaching schedule has to make up for previous classes while moving forward, but all the students, at the end of the day, at least most of them have to take the county level unified academic level test. Even if we could eventually barely complete all of the magic class standards — of course, we know exactly what that actually would be like — the result would certainly be a majority of tech students. However, more and more of these so-called technology oriented schools now have combined magic departments, and the requirements for magic grades are being further increased. Only students who are pretty perceptive can finally attend these magic oriented schools. If there are really ones who can't get out of the village …… I would say that it is completely normal."

Everyone was silent.

"I'm not saying we have to catch up a lot …… but here comes the fact. Theory classes …… even for teachers here who have been to Beachballe, I guess there are quite a few who are not confident enough to guarantee that their students will able to master all the things that they have mastered. It's good to have a lot of practice courses, indeed, like we have a lot of artisans and a lot of resources, but ……"


"Personally, I would still like to be able to fulfill as many of the targets for the theory classes as possible. If there are any problems with teaching later, I can try to help with the group preparation afterwards. I've given many lectures in college, but rarely lead big classes, so if I've done anything wrong please let me know."

"Well then," Glazure began to summarize on the blackboard, "I'll summarize the meeting."




"I still think …… that I was too cocky during the talk."

Glazure and Lakeus just walked. She didn't answer.

"If you prepare for class afterwards, I'll bring the lecture notes and course materials for the theory class. Let me teach the theory class for students from tomorrow."

"Oh …… hmm. OK."

There isn't anything to say, so Lakeus also had to be silent.

"I'll go this way, bye."

"See you tomorrow."

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