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7 July 2023

6 July 2023

  • curprev 09:5809:58, 6 July 2023斯乌 talk contribs 16,521 bytes +16,521 创建页面,内容为“{| class="fandom-table stikitable wikitable collapsible collapsed" ! 型号 !! 特性 !! 型号 !! 特性 |- ! GTX 280 | {{fc|lightGreen|green|'''[▲]'''}} 改良版Tesla微架构,CUDA版本1.3<br> {{fc|lightGreen|green|'''[▲]'''}} 基于台积电65nm的制程,芯片面积为576mm<sup>2</sup><br> {{fc|lightGreen|green|'''[▲]'''}} 240个流处理器,80个TMU,32个ROP,30组SM<br> {{fc|lightGreen|green|'''[▲]'''}} 480KB一级缓存,256KB二级…” Tag: 2017 source edit
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